Quantifying the SaaS Supply Chain and Its Risks

June 16, 2022
Quantifying the SaaS Supply Chain and Its Risks

While software-as-a-service helps organizations improve productivity and agility, it also adds complexity to the enterprise environment as IT security teams need to have visibility over the data stored in each of the applications.

And when organizations integrate SaaS applications with other SaaS applications, the attack surface grows even more because more applications have access to the corporate data. For example, connecting Asana to Google Workspace gives the task management platform access to data stored in the productivity suite.

In a recent report from Valence Threat Labs, 56% of CISOs said they don't have a process in place, or are not satisfied with the process they have, for discovering and managing SaaS-to-SaaS connections and integrations.

About Valence Security

Valence Security is the first security company to offer collaborative remediation workflows that engage with business users to contextualize and reduce SaaS data sharing, supply chain, identity, and misconfiguration risks with scalable policy enforcement and automated workflows. 

With Valence, security teams can secure their critical SaaS applications and ensure continuous compliance with internal policies, industry standards and regulations, without impeding business productivity or the speed of SaaS adoption.

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