Collaboratively Remediate Your Slack Security Risks

Valence provides a powerful security suite that enables you to engage with end users and quickly remediate Slack security risks to help secure your environment.

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Collaboratively Remediate Your SaaS Security Risks

Valence Security for Slack

Slack is the leading instant collaboration platform for businesses and an integral part of many organizations’ business processes. Slack has native capabilities such as the Slack APIs and Workflow Builder, allowing third-party software vendors and internal teams to integrate their services into Slack’s ecosystem. Third-party vendors can publish their apps on the Slack App Directory to easily distribute their services to the Slack user base and ease the onboarding and integration process for their customers.

Securing Slack requires in-depth knowledge of its features and settings, Slack Apps and Slack Connect, etc. in order to implement appropriate security measures. In many cases, security teams lack knowledge and expertise in Slack, which makes it difficult to detect risks and misconfigurations such as new admins, users that login without corporate SSO and new third-party integrations.

The Valence Platform enables security teams to manage and remediate Slack security risks by collaborating with business users through automated workflows.

Recent Slack Breaches

Collaboratively Remediate Your SaaS Security Risks

In June 2021, game publisher Electronic Arts suffered a significant data breach perpetrated by hackers who tricked an employee over Slack to provide a login token. The hackers reportedly stole the source code for FIFA 21, the Frostbite engine, and other game development tools, totalling around 780GB of data. This breach was achieved through a multifactor authentication request to EA's IT support, granting them access to the corporate network. EA has confirmed the breach, stating that they are currently investigating the incident and have implemented security improvements. No player data was compromised in this breach according to EA's report.

Collaboratively Remediate Your SaaS Security Risks

Automate Remediation & Educate Users on Slack Security Risks & Best Practices

Valence’s automated remediation workflows enables security teams to engage with Slack admins and business users throughout the remediation process. This gives security teams insights into business context for Slack adoption and usage, enables them to encourage business users to remediate risks themselves which reduces the effort required for security teams to remediate Slack security risks and educates them on Slack security risks and best practices.

With Valence, security teams and Slack administrators alike can be confident that the risks associated with this instant messaging platform are minimized, while optimizing employee productivity.

Collaboratively Remediate Your SaaS Security Risks

Gain Control Over Unmanaged User Identities

With Valence, you can detect and track identities that are not managed by your Identity Provider (IdP), overprivileged users and weak authentication that doesn’t leverage best practices such as MFA. You can then automatically remediate these Slack security risks to  prevent account compromise and data loss breaches.

Collaboratively Remediate Your SaaS Security Risks
Collaboratively Remediate Your SaaS Security Risks

Protect Sensitive Corporate & Employee Data from Oversharing

Due to human error or misconfigurations, Slack users can easily expose sensitive information by posting it in public channels or sharing it with unauthorized users. In addition’ Slack's file sharing feature also introduces potential risks if malicious files are uploaded or shared within the platform. Malware-infected files or files containing sensitive information could then be inadvertently shared, leading to malware infections or data breaches. With Valence, indiscriminate sharing can be managed through data sharing policies.

Collaboratively Remediate Your SaaS Security Risks

Discover & Regulate Slack Integration Risks

Slack has evolved beyond a stand-alone collaboration tool to become a robust communications and collaboration platform, encouraging business users to connect it to third-party integrations like Asana, Monday, Lucidchart and HubSpot via Slack Apps. These integrations can increase the risk of supply chain attacks, account takeovers and data loss. Valence enables security teams to uncover misconfigured, inactive and over privileged integrations for continuous remediation.

Collaboratively Remediate Your SaaS Security Risks

Valence Solution Benefits

Valence's collaborative SaaS security platform provides security teams with unparalleled visibility and control to identify and remediate Slack security risks, misconfigurations and privilege drift, as well provide security controls around third-party SaaS-to-SaaS integrations, and unmanaged SaaS users.

Collaboratively Remediate Your SaaS Security Risks - Valence security - SaaS security report 2023

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