Customize SaaS Risk Remediation Workflows

Valence goes beyond visibility to provide security teams with the ability to fix their SaaS risks by enforcing best practices and customized policies, with or without automated workflows and business user collaboration.

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Automate Remediation with a SaaS Application Security Platform

SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) solutions are effective at identifying misconfigurations, dormant accounts, unmanaged SaaS integrations and other security risks. Yet unleashing a flood of alerts without the ability to easily remediate risks them is like throwing drowning security teams a brick, not a life preserver. Leading security leaders to be concerned about “don’t show me security problems that you can’t help me fix”.

Valence customer Lionbridge was able to revoke 95% of obsolete and inactive tokens. Of the revoked tokens, 75% were revoked automatically by the security team.

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The Valence Solution

The Valence Security Platform reduces the burden on security teams through automation. Manual processes are fragile and subject to failure, particularly when there are changes in security team staffing or priorities - leading to unaddressed risks and increased exposure. Valence enables effective SaaS risk remediation through best practice guidance, ticketing integrations, business user collaboration or with automated workflows. With automated workflows, Valence addresses the fatigue common in other SSPM solutions - by automating the remediation of new findings as they occur, allowing security teams to focus on new challenges without old challenges coming back to haunt them.

Valence customer Lionbridge was able to revoke 95% of obsolete and inactive tokens. 75% were revoked automatically by the security team.

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Watch as SaaS Risk is Remediated

Is it hard to believe that SaaS risk remediation workflows can be automated? For the Valence Platform, it’s easy. Watch us demonstrate it, or try it in your own environment.

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Business Value

Central Inventory

Reduce Time
to Value

Immediate ROI by quickly implementing remediation workflows

Automated Workflows

SaaS Security
Expertise Not Required

Leverage SaaS security policies to scale your security program

Automated Workflows

Minimize Security
Team's Time

Minimize SaaS security issues with automated workflows


Enable Business Productivity

Enforce policies with SaaS risk remediation workflows

Enable Business Productivity

Auto-generate policies based on security findings

Enable Business Productivity

Create continuous workflows to prevent policy drift

Enable Business Productivity

Reduce need for SaaS-specific knowledge with the AI Assistant

Enable Business Productivity

Request business justification from users via Slack or email

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