SC Magazine: Scale SaaS supply chain risk reduction with automated security remediation workflows

With the current global economic downturn, budget cuts and layoffs are taking their toll on organizations across all sectors, with security teams often significantly hurt by these ramifications. CISOs must therefore find innovative ways to close the gap between shrinking budgets and increasing security demands, and must become more lean, efficient and cost-effective, without degrading their security posture in the process.      

The economic change may lead to business slowing down, but hackers won’t – they will only become more aggressive as they grow more desperate to find lucrative targets. Therefore, security teams should prioritize automating manual and labor-intensive tasks by using technology and democratizing security remediation processes to accommodate modern, decentralized IT environments.

Today, the democratization of IT has empowered business users across organizations to directly manage best-of-breed SaaS applications themselves, without IT security review or governance. This trend has greatly reduced deployment time and enhanced business agility, productivity and collaboration within countless organizations as they grow increasingly interconnected to automate business processes and data exchange. These integrations use direct APIs, OAuth apps in SaaS marketplaces, and no-low code citizen development platforms such as Zapier, Workato, and Mulesoft.

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