Serial cybersecurity founders get back in the game

September 13, 2023
Serial cybersecurity founders get back in the game

Our data on funding trends in the Israeli cybersecurity ecosystem in 2022 shows that one-third of the startups launched last year were founded by seasoned, serial entrepreneurs with a track record of building and growing cybersecurity companies.

Considering the dramatic economic downturn of 2022, this data is surprising. These second timers have already survived the hectic, unforgiving and at times downright brutal entrepreneurial experience, some even thriving despite the challenges, so why would they willingly go through it again? We spoke to three seasoned founders from our own portfolio to gain insight into why they got back on the roller coaster and what their most important takeaways were.

Yoni Shohet, CEO and co-founder of Valence Security, his second startup adventure following the founding of cybersecurity startup SCADAfence (acquired by Honeywell this year), echoes that statement, and says that there’s “nothing quite like the excitement, passion and challenges that you encounter when building your own startup.”

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