Valence Security Rolls Out First Global Partner Program

June 25, 2024
Valence Security Rolls Out First Global Partner Program

Valence Security has launched its first global partner program, Valence Fusion.

The SaaS security provider also has hired Jake Alosco, previously with Cyolo, as vice president of global partnerships.

“I felt this is one of those rare career opportunities where the product market fit is obvious and there is a major gap for customers to not only find their SaaS risks, but also fix them with current staff and processes,” Alosco said. “Once I met the team and saw more of the product, I was hooked.  We are driving a great partner-first culture internally with the goal being to have our partners recommend and deliver a unique solution to their customers.”

For partners, SaaS security is still a fairly new opportunity with significant growth potential as organizations are realizing the largely unaddressed risks within business-critical apps that hold most of an organization’s sensitive data, according to Valence Security.

Valence Fusion is uncomplicated, partner service-driven and offers higher margins, the company said. Valence Security’s SaaS security platform combines SaaS security posture management (SSPM), SaaS identity threat detection and response (ITDR) and SaaS risk remediation. With Valence Security, partners can offer their customers the ability to reduce SaaS security risks as they continue to increase their use of SaaS applications.

Organizations Need Valence Security

“Organizations are dealing with increasing SaaS security incidents,” Alosco said. “In fact, our State of SaaS Security Report highlighted that 58% of organizations experienced an incident in the past 18 months. It made sense to develop a formal partner program given Valence Security's advanced visibility and remediation capabilities to find and fix SaaS security risks.”

Valence Security's Jake Alosco
Valence Security's Jake Alosco

Alosco said Valence Fusion is the fourth time he’s built a partner program from scratch.

“Whenever I look to put together programs or updates, I always go out to take a temperature check and look for advice from peers in the channel,” he said. “The feedback I received was universally positive.”  

“As organizations continue to experience increases in SaaS security incidents, security teams are looking to Valence to allow their businesses to secure their SaaS applications,” said Yoni Shohet, Valence Security’s co-founder and CEO. “Given the increasing threat landscape, we are thrilled to add Jake as our vice president of global partnerships to continue our significant growth. I am confident Valence will meet the needs of partners and their customers.”

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