Remediate 3rd Party SaaS Risks

In this episode of Sales Bluebird, we dive into the complexities of SaaS security concerns and the challenges of getting attention and building pipeline. This episode features Yoni Shohet, co-founder and CEO of Valence Security who talks about their company's solution to clean up security issues and offers insights for salespeople to maximize their meetings.Yoni also sheds light on the challenges faced by CASBs  while discussing their company's product, Valence, which combines time to value and remediation in a compelling value proposition. Furthermore, they shed light on the challenges that organizations face in getting responses from their prospects and suggest a solution for decreasing unnecessary emails and calls. Tune in to learn more about the cybersecurity market, the challenges of sales pipeline drought, and the importance of creativity and differentiation.

Security Challenges

• SaaS security concerns go beyond just access by users (like a CASB) and into 3rd party access and integrations. Valence offers a solution that can clean up these security issues with just a click of a button.

• Valence is a security tool that combines the time to value and remediation, solves vulnerabilities in non-human access controls, and helps remove unnecessary shares on tools like Google Drive or OneDrive.

Sales Challenges

• Salespeople are experiencing a pipeline drought, making it challenging to get noticed and schedule valuable calls.

• Training salespeople to understand the prospect's daily life and challenges can enable a more empathetic approach to their sales calls.

• The key is to build trust with prospects and focus on delivering value.

Show Index

[00:03:49] "IDF Captain turned Cybersecurity Entrepreneur co-founds SCADAfense"

[00:07:27] "Startup founders identify security loophole post-SolarWinds attack"[00:10:45] "Maximizing SaaS Capabilities: Overcoming Security Concerns"

[00:13:10] "SaaS security platform delivers instant risk analysis"[00:15:28] "Automated Collaboration: The Key to SaaS Security"

[00:17:58] "CASBs fall short in protecting SaaS applications"

[00:20:44] Uncovering Hidden Risks of Data Sharing

[00:23:15] "Creating Market Value: The Importance of Thought Leadership in Cybersecurity"

[00:36:44] "Sales Approach Shift: Building versus Account Executives"

[00:41:37] "Overcoming the challenge of communication in sales"