Combine CrowdStrike Falcon with Valence Security SSPM to Combat Endpoint-to-SaaS Threats

Anna Sarnek
January 10, 2024
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Combine CrowdStrike Falcon with Valence Security SSPM to Combat Endpoint-to-SaaS Threats

Valence is excited to partner with CrowdStrike, empowering security teams to protect the growing endpoint-to-SaaS risk surface. The integration correlates SaaS security risk signals with CrowdStike’s endpoint security signals to improve overall security posture, threat detection, and incident response processes – Valence + CrowdStrike has you covered.

Distributed Infrastructure -> Distributed Attack Vectors

Breaches continue to be on the rise. In its 2023 Global Threat Report, CrowdStrike highlights a 95% increase in cloud exploitation cases in 2022 — a trend that correlated with increased adoption in cloud assets, including a 41% increase in SaaS application use. The combination of modern distributed infrastructure and increased SaaS usage creates endless new opportunities of unmonitored access to corporate data and processes. To exploit cloud environments, adversaries can’t rely solely on vulnerabilities and therefore leverage misconfigurations, human error, social engineering, credential theft and other attack methods to compromise critical business data and applications in the cloud.

In many cases, the initial access point that attackers leverage is a compromised device that contains high-privilege access or credentials to a sensitive application. Now more than ever, it is critical to bring together endpoint and SaaS application monitoring to ensure a holistic security posture and incident response plan, reducing the chances of a breach and rapidly containing potential damages.

Identify, Correlate, and Contain the Blast Radius

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the security of SaaS platforms is paramount. One of the threats faced by organizations stems from compromised endpoint devices, leading to a SaaS breach. The burning question arises: How can we swiftly and effectively correlate these incidents? The answer lies in associating compromised devices with user activities, permissions and SaaS configuration drifts. This correlation not only sheds light on the breach’s scope but also provides crucial insights into its potential blast radius.

Powered by native AI and world-class intelligence, the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform delivers real-time attack indicators, threat intelligence, and detailed enterprise visibility for enhanced security. You can now improve your understanding of a security incident’s blast radius to quickly mitigate risks by correlating Valence’s SaaS security posture management (SSPM) and SaaS threat detection from core SaaS applications with Falcon’s rich endpoint and user insights. Easily analyze a compromised user’s device, their SaaS privileges, and activities performed by the user before and after a potential breach to rapidly assess risk for effective response.

Unify Your Endpoint and SaaS Security Operations

With the Valence Security and CrowdStrike integration, security teams can improve their threat management processes by detecting compromised users’ SaaS permissions access and their recent SaaS activities. Security teams can:

  • Expedite containment: Quickly identify and contain critical threats by combining CrowdStrike Falcon device insights with Valence’s core SaaS application risk signals, including user access privileges, to accelerate security operations 
  • Enrich threat investigations: Improve investigations by easily understanding incidents end-to-end, from initial endpoint compromise to malicious activities in SaaS applications, such as changing configurations, massive downloads of data, and other malicious activities
  • Automate remediation: Swiftly remediate SaaS misconfigurations with automated workflows triggered when CrowdStike alerts to a compromise, including actions like termination of user data access and shares, and removal of integrations to other critical applications 
  • Improve security posture: Leverage the Valence platform to continuously analyze the Falcon platform data, providing visibility into potential misconfigurations such as unenforced SSO, weak authentication without MFA, over-privileged users, unauthorized third-party integrations, and more

Stay tuned for more updates on how the partnership continues to strengthen our commitment to your organization’s security.

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