Cyber Week 2022 Presentation by Yoni Shohet (5 Minutes)

Yoni Shohet
June 29, 2022
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Cyber Week 2022 Presentation by Yoni Shohet (5 Minutes)
Yoni Shohet, Co-Founder & CEO, Valence Security Presenting at Cyber Week 2022
Yoni Presenting at Cyber Week

Yoni Shohet, CEO and Co-founder of Valence Security, spoke at the Innovation spotlight at Cyber Week 2022 that was held at Tel Aviv University and is one of the largest, international cybersecurity conferences in Israel.

In his concise 5 minute elevator pitch, Yoni explains the challenges of securing the fast growing mesh of SaaS-to-SaaS third-party integrations and how Valence solves these challenges. In addition, Yoni addresses questions from the Innovation Spotlight panelists, including:

• How is Valence different from a traditional Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)?

• How long does it take to get visibility over shadow SaaS integrations and gain insights into necessary remediation steps using the Valence platform?

• How does the Valence Platform discover shadow SaaS and shadow integrations that IT teams otherwise has no visibility into?

• How does Valence enable organizations to build the business application owners into the workflows for vetting, adopting, and offboarding SaaS-to-SaaS third-party integrations?

Watch Yoni's Full presentation

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