Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2023: Valence Brings Home the Gold, Twice Over

Martin Johnson
March 10, 2023
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Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2023: Valence Brings Home the Gold, Twice Over

Valence Security has been awarded Gold in not just one, but two categories in the prestigious Cyber Security Excellence Awards. 

Our first gold was for Best Cybersecurity Startup, which we owe in large part, to tackling the complex problem of surfacing SaaS security risks. These issues are buried deep below the surface of SaaS. Individual employees often introduce these issues, unaware of the risks they create when integrating two SaaS products.

We didn’t stop there. Our second gold was for SaaS Security Posture Management. Within this category, we differentiate by going beyond simply surfacing issues. We don’t leave our customers with the task of manually remediating potentially hundreds or thousands of risky or unnecessary SaaS integrations. We automate the process, saving customers hours, days, and weeks of labor.

We didn’t stop there. Simply tearing down SaaS integrations can be disruptive and could break critical business workflows. That’s why we introduced a collaboration into the Valence Security platform. Employees are prompted to explain and justify the need for these integrations. Disruptions are avoided and only unnecessary risks are eliminated.

Experience collaborative SaaS security that saves time and avoids employee disruption: the Valence SaaS Application Security Platform.

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