Valence Integrates With Azure AD to Reduce SaaS Supply Chain Risks By Enforcing Zero Trust Principles

Yoni Shohet
October 13, 2022
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Valence Integrates With Azure AD to Reduce SaaS Supply Chain Risks By Enforcing Zero Trust Principles

Valence Security has integrated with Azure Active Directory to give customers increased visibility and control over their SaaS supply chain risks. By integrating with Azure AD through Microsoft Graph, Azure AD audit logs and other Microsoft APIs, Valence is able to correlate multiple data sources to provide one viewpoint into all the Enterprise Applications, Service Principals, OAuth tokens and APIs that have access to Microsoft’s SaaS services. The Valence platform analyzes the applications access level and scope of access, data exposure, activity history, and correlates it with multiple risk signals from Azure AD, Valence’s threat intelligence and customer’s internal tools. In addition, Valence can integrate with dozens of SaaS applications to correlate configuration, activities and risks across the entire SaaS mesh and allowing security teams to enforce Zero Trust security policies at scale with collaborative remediation workflows that engage with distributed business users.By leveraging the Valence integration with Azure AD, customers can:

• Identify third-party integrations to Azure AD, Office 365, other Microsoft SaaS services, and other third-party SaaS applications
• Gain insights into high privilege integrations, exposed data and resources, admin consented integrations with organization-wide access and other end user OAuth consents
• Analyze application usage history to detect dormant integrations which are no longer needed by the business and can be revoked
• Correlate input from Azure AD, Valence’s proprietary threat intelligence and customer’s internal vendor risk management GRC tools
• Execute remediation workflows that scale engagement with business users tocontextualize third-party integrations and help security teams to enforce ZeroTrust

Valence Security integrates with Azure Active Directory for visibility and control over SaaS supply chain risks

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