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SaaS Integration Governance

In the age of SaaS and APIs, integrating systems can be done by any employee. Valence helps to ensure only necessary, vetted integrations have access to corporate data and permissions.

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Automate Remediation with a SaaS Application Security Platform

SaaS-to-SaaS integrations take many forms, often enabling additional features within a product with the addition of an OAuth consent or SaaS marketplace third-party apps. Low/no-code platforms enable automated workflows between SaaS platforms that otherwise have no formal integration with each other. Other types of integrations aren’t visible to business users and are enabled by admins behind the scenes. 

Many security teams avoid blocking integrations altogether since it has a negative impact on business productivity. Even if there is an approval process for SaaS integrations, the constantly changing business application ecosystem requires continuous lifecycle management of third-party access.

Valence Threat Labs found that, on average, 51% of integrations are idle - unused by employees.

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The Valence Solution

The Valence Platform provides a holistic view into SaaS-to-SaaS integrations and no/low-code workflows. The platform correlates information about the integration type (3rd party app/extension, API, OAuth), consenting user or admin consent, granted permissions, history of API calls, the vendor behind the integrations and more. This allows security teams to analyze the risk associated with every integration. The platform also enables automated workflows that can scale the collaboration with business users to collect the business context of integrations before vetting/revoking them.

Valence Threat Labs found that, on average, 51% of integrations are idle - unused by employees.

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Understand the Extent of SaaS Integration Use

The Valence Platform gathers the context necessary to understand the what, why, and who around SaaS-to-SaaS integrations. Try out Valence and see integration use through the eyes of your business users.

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Business Value

Central Inventory

Manage Third-Party

Discover third-party SaaS integrations and their associated vendors

Central Inventory

Understand Business Context

Request justifications from business users to gather context

Automated Workflows

Reduce Attack

Better hygiene through the removal of unused and risky integrations


Enable Business Productivity

Identify over privileged or tenant-wide integrations

Enable Business Productivity

Monitor adherence to vendor management processes

Enable Business Productivity

Reveal non-compliant no/low-code automation workflows

Enable Business Productivity

Detect inactive integrations that can be offboarded

Enable Business Productivity

Reduce risks through the removal of unauthorized integrations

2023 State of SaaS Security Report

Valence’s Threat Labs found that, on average, 51% of integrations are idle - unused by employees.

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Valence security- 2023 State of the SaaS security report