Securing SaaS Goes Beyond SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)

Protect Your Most Used SaaS Applications

Most organizations rely on a handful of business-critical SaaS applications, yet their security teams often lack visibility into the numerous SaaS-to-SaaS third-party integrations, users unmanaged by an IdP, ungoverned external data sharing permissions, and SaaS misconfigurations that place them at elevated risk of attack. Valence provides the visibility and control that is critical to securing your SaaS mesh.

Learn How You Can Protect Your Critical SaaS Applications

Valence integrates with most business-critical SaaS applications, enabling security teams to quickly discovers and auto-remediate risks arising from unsanctioned third-party integrations

Valence security- SaaS-to-SaaS-supply-chain-security-Service now
Valence security- SaaS-to-SaaS-supply-chain-security-Integromat
Valence security- SaaS-to-SaaS-supply-chain-security-Github
Valence security- SaaS-to-SaaS-supply-chain-security-Zapier
Valence security- SaaS-to-SaaS-supply-chain-security-Dropbox
Valence security- SaaS-to-SaaS-supply-chain-security-Zendesk
Valence security- SaaS-to-SaaS-supply-chain-security-Atlassian
Valence security- SaaS-to-SaaS-supply-chain-security-Gitlab
Valence security- SaaS-to-SaaS-supply-chain-security-Zoom
Valence security- SaaS-to-SaaS-supply-chain-security-Slack

And More!

The 2022 Shadow SaaS-to-SaaS Integration Report

Get critical SaaS security insights from top CISOs surveyed for the report and usage data derived from the Valence Security Collaborative SaaS Security Remediation platform.
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